Free and Unlimited audio converter, image converter, and video formats converter.

FileConverterTo is free and online tool which allows you to convert your Audio file formats, Image file formats and Video file formats in a second. It is very fast and efficient file formats conversion tool. Supports 2600+ file , and also perform the whole conversion 60X faster then others.

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perform just 3 steps

Any file conversion in just 3 steps

1- Choose your file
2- Choose your format
3- Hit the download button

Choose your converting medium below

Audio file format converter

Convert your any type of audio file format with FileConverterTo.

Photo file format converter

Convert your any type of photo file format with FileConverterTo.

Video file format converter

Convert your any type of video file format with FileConverterTo.


Firstly, select a file you want to convert or drag and drop it or any other file you want to convert to. Secondly, select a format you want to convert for your file to. Then click the download button and there you go your file formats conversion is done.

Yes! FileConverterTo is 100% free and also unlimited you can convert your any type of audio, video or image files within 0.5 second.

Usually a 0.5s, As mentioned above the FileConverterTo is 60x faster then other file conversion tools and it convert your audio, video or image files within a second.

Sure! Complete conversion is done according to security policies you should not worry about it, its our guarantee. All types of conversion on FileConverterTo is 100% safe and secure.

Absolutely not! FileConverterTo does not require any installation. Your browswe is enough for us, You can convert your files online on your computer tablet or mobile.

  • The FileConveterTo is 60x faster then other tools.
  • It uses modern technologies for any file conversion.
  • It uses security policies to secure your data and files.
  • We have 2600+ file formats collection which is highest collection in the file conversion market.
  • You can do any type of audio formats, video formats and image formats file conversion in FileConverterTo.

  • Singularity of FileConverterTo

    Unbelievable fast speed

    The fileconverterto has an amazing speed because everything in going on front-end meaning is that you have no need to upload your file on server. Everything will done into your browser.

    Unbelievable fast speed

    User friendly

    User friendly

    Having an awesome speed of file conversion and also no need to uploading your data, no doubt these key points make this app very easy to use and also user-friendly.

    Almost downloaded files

    The whole process is going on into your own browser meaning is that your files are Almost downloaded and when you click on downlaod button you will be surprised with the speed.

    downlaod speed of fileconverterto